This mod is the brainchild of Chris Jones (aka Gonzodad on the RSC) and the Yamaha designers/engineers who thought that it was acceptable to jack your bike up to adjust the pre-load before you head out with your passenger. I guess they don’t ride Road Stars. Thank you Chris for not accepting this and introducing the Road Star Clinic to one of the best mods for our bikes!

Credit also to Dan Shingler (dshingler), Chris Jones (Gonzodad), James Daniel (jdace750) and Jason Woody (smokescreens) on the Road Star Clinic for images and other info.

If see any mistakes here, send them to Darrel (a.k.a. Tykes_Place on the RSC).

Before you begin, read through the articles and digest them, understand them, contemplate them. This makes you much more able to do this without surprises later.

Parts you will need for this modification:
  • GoldWing shock with pump and hose (Ebay, junk yards, etc)
  • Wiring harness from Gonzodad for pump operation
    • Or Remote Adjustable Preload (RAP) for manual operations (Ebay)
  • Two – Flange bushing 18mm ID x 22mm OD x 18mm long (from McMaster-Carr, SKU #6659K36)
  • Two – washers (I used M14 metric flat washer from True Value),
  • 5w-10w hydraulic fluid or fork oil
  • Misc zip ties

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